Lemon Juice
Clean Cures

Clean Cures are strong natural treatments that will help you feel better. These 7 cures can be used for hundreds of ailments, health issues and diseases. They are primitive but powerful options in the art of zen health. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 


This unfiltered and unpasturized elixer has been used for over 10 000 years as a tonic and flavouring. Cleopatra dissolved pearls into it to prove she could eat a fourtuine in one meal. 

How & when I use it: I try to take a table spoon to a shot glass of apple cider vinager a day because if there is anything i’v learned from ancient Chinese medicine, its that it’s better to prevent ailments and sicknesses rather than to treat them after the fact. 

Some things it cures: Aching joints, muscles, acne and anxiety. Bad breath, bruising, body oder. Circulation, cramps, colds, congestion, coughs, cuts. Dandruff & digestion. Earache, eczema, dry eyes. Fatigue, fever. Gas, sore gums. Hangovers, headaches, hives. Indigestion, inflimation, ingrown things, insomnia, itchy skin. Jet lag. Leg cramps, lice. Moles, motion sickness. Nausia, nosebleeds. Overeating. Pimples, panic attacks. Rashes, razor burn. Sneezing, snoring, sore throat, splinters, sprains, stiff neck, stress, sunburn, swelling. Toothache. Vomiting. Weight loss, wrinkles.

Baking Soda


Baking soda has been used for thousands of years as a cure-all substance for asthma, cleaning, blams for baldness, and treatment for dry skin and even for a preservative for mummies in Ancient Egypt.

How & when I use it: Sometimes I mix it with a bit of water until it becomes a paste and use it for skin issues, for example, I use it as a scrub on razor burns or where I might get ingrown hairs, this fully prevents them! If i have crazy munchies and start eating everything in sight I have water with a bit of lemon juice and baking soda in it. This works the same for taking the stuffed up edge off after a big meal. I gargle it with salt when I have a sore throat. 

Other practical uses: If someones having really bad gas, bloating or indigestion, I suggest mixing some in a shot glass and drinking it fast for instant relief, this also works for hiccups! Gargle it for canker sores, bathe in it to reduce a fever. If your at a friends place and forgot you deodorant, use baking soda, its a natural oder eater. Use it on really itchy skin, hives, or apply directly to aching gums. If you have a sinus headache or cant stop sneezing mix 1/4 table spoon of baking soda with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and mix it in half a cup of warm water, snort it one nostril at a time and your headache will disappear.  

Some cures: Aching muscles, acne, age spots, athletes foot and anxiety. Bad breath, bladder infection, blisters, bloating. Canker sores, Chafing, chapped lips, circulation, cramps, colds. Dandruff. Eczema, dry eyes. Fever Foot oder. Gas, sore gums. Hangovers, headaches, heartburn, hives hiccups. Indigestion, ingrown things, insomnia, itchy skin. Jet lag. Leg cramps, laryngitis, lice, liver spots. Motion sickness Muscle aches. Nausea, nosebleeds. Overeating. Pimples, pink eye, panic attacks. Rashes, razor burn. Sneezing, sore throat, stress, sunburn, stomach ache, stretch marks. Toothache. Vomiting. Warts, Wrinkles.



Honey is hands down the most tasty of these cures! Aristotle used to use it for sores and abrasions and Muhammad recommended it for healing this is probably because not only is it sweet, its a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial. The best stuff you can use is un-pasteurized, organic honey, but Billy Bee’s will do just fine. 

How & When I use it: Honey is the ‘cure’ I definitely eat the most of. If I’v got chapped lips and im too lazy to find some chapstick I use honey, and eat some too. I eat it on toast with peanut butter every couple days or so & when I want a quick sweet snack I’ll have a nie big spoonful of peanut-butter for some protein and honey on top to keep me sweet.=) I used to put honey on bugbites al the time too.  

Some Cures: Aching joints, acne, athlete’s foot. Bladder infection, blisters, body oder, bruises, burns. Canker sores, chapped lips, circulation, cold sores, colds, congestion, constipation, coughs, cuts, cysts. Dandruff, dry mouth. Eczema. Fatigue, fever. Gingivitis. Hangovers, Hay fever, Headaches, heartburn, hiccups, hot flashes, hyperactivity. Indigestion, inflammation, ingrown hair, insomnia, itchy skin. Jet lag. Menstrual cramps, migraines, motion sickness, Nausea. Overeating. Pimples, punture wound. Rashes, razor burn. Sneezing, snoring, sore throat, sunburn, swelling

Lush Haul!


So I went shopping today, and got some new natural products for my skin and hair. 
I have to say, the service at Lush was nothing less then perfect. I followed my nose into the aromatic shop packed with brightly coloured piles of soaps which clearly looked like quality natural ingredients. A pretty salesgirl asked me if I needed help right away, listen to my list of needs then preceded to apply each of the products she recommended to my hand and arm, gave me a nice hand rub with the amazing feeling products, rinsed my arm clean and towel dried it with a fluffy towel. 

I started with Lush’s “Big” shampoo for volumizing and controlling oily hair. It’s made with raw sea salt, seaweed, lemon and lime juice. The texture of the shampoo is a thick quality salty body scrub. For a conditioner I picked up Veganese Conditioner made with lemon for shine, seaweed for softness, and herbal infusions for my scalp, In case you can’t tell from the name, its completely vegan. I got the large one because like most cosmetic products, the larger size is a better value.

I alternate between herbal essences and these because herbal essences does the trick for cheaper and the lush products offer more control over the texture and product in my hair. Most importantly they eliminate built up resins from other hair products I use.

For the problematic skin on my face I went with Angles on Bare Skin, 100% natural facial scrub for normal and dry skin types. Ground almonds help to gently exfoliate the skin, clearing away dirt and dead skin.

They tried to sell me a toner but I like to use a lemon and water mix, its simple, natural and works great.
For a moisturizer I chose Imperials, made with lavender (an anti-inflammatory), orange, and tiger lilies for balanced skin. Its light and feels awesome.

If your skin is sensitive like mine,you often deal with irritated skin. To deal with this I got a Orange Porridge soap. The citric acid refreshes skin and pinhead oatmeal gives it a great texture and exfoliates. this is perfect for seasonal cold sores. 

At this point I was loving the attention the girls were giving, in a bit of a really comfortable shopping trance and decided to throw a solid perfume stick in with my purchase called Karma, Its so small and smells absolutely amazing, I apply it like chap stick to my wrists and neck. 

The grand total came to $112.00 and the lovely ladies threw in three round chap stick sized testers; Dream Cream with infused oats in a soothing milk that calms the skin, Lovely Jubblies Dream aging cream for my mom, and Dreamwash made with calamine, a pink powder made of zinc and iron oxide that calms and soothes the skin. I dont usually spend so much on products like this but i think its important to use simple powerful and natural ingredients in and on my body so i like to stalk up and mix them up in my routine so they last a long time. It will be well worth it! 


Pinky & The Brain: Throwbacks

Pinky and the brain is one of my favourite cartoons from when I was a kid. I always loved Brains crazy schemes to take over the world.. Heres some great ones.


In one episode, Brain must recover crab meat from those that only live in the sunken wreckage of the Titanic to implement a hypnotic food additive for world domination. 

In “Tokyo Grows”, Brain plans to use a “growing ray” to grow Pinky into super-size while dressed up as Gollyzilla. Brain would stop him in exchange for world domination.

"Pinky & The Fog"  has Brain become a serial radio voice actor similar to the Shadow as a means to use a special voice modulation device in order to control the minds of the listeners. 

Brain creates a fictional island nation in ”Brainania”  in attempt to exploit the United States for billions of dollars in foreign aid.

In AKOM Brain invents dentures that gives him a smile which can hypnotize anyone that sees them without sunglasses. He goes on to attempt to become a stand-up comic in order to achieve mass population control.

Brain conducts a chain letter scheme that will make him the ruler of the world by simply spelling “you will bow before the Brain” backwards.

Brain buys out all real estate above the 39th floor, and then he and Pinky travel to the Hubble telescope in an attempt to melt the ice caps and flood the Earth.



The Brothers Karamazov is the final novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He was an existentialist and an influence of Ayn Rand.

Here’s a couple of quotes I like from the book so far…

"I love humanity,’ he said, ‘but I wonder at myself. The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular… As soon as any one is near me, his personality disturbs my self-complacency and restricts my freedom."

I like the first quote because it reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine about how we prefer to help people. Hes a life coach so his goal is to help people reach theirs, whatever it may be and he is unconcerned with world issues and politics. He focuses on people who are close to him while I, for the most part could care less about buddy’s business plan or some chicks health goals. I mean, I respect those who have them but I care more about humanity as a whole. By the way, I dont mean that I think governments should be able to have a tighter leash on individuals for the sake of society, I actually believe the opposite is better for government vs individual rights. 


I love humanity, its capabilities and care deeply for our future more so than the personal goals of individuals (strangers). However, I do value human achievement, and think its necessary for individual rights to be stronger than government rights so that individuals who might bring achievements to the world can have the freedom to do so. 

"if anything could dissipate my love to humanity, it would be ingratitude. In short, I am a hired servant, I expect my payment at once—that is, praise, and the repayment of love with love. Otherwise I am incapable of loving any one.”

I like this quote a lot.. Don’t get me wrong, personally im all for giving without expecting anything in return, but I prefer not to pretend that its is a trait of human beings to give without some sort of reason, wether it makes you feel better to not be selfish or it makes you feel good to recieve gratitude from others. 

For example I share health tips im my blog and I enjoy helping people with their health, but the soul motive for my doing so is not for the benefit of other people with nothing in it for me, I feel good about my self, my knowledge and the gratitude that i receive from whoever I helped.